Venlo Greenhouse

Venlo Glass Greenhouses

As Greencon, we realize your project beyond the expectations of soilless agricultural producers with our sophisticated “Venlo” glass greenhouses with advanced technology, high quality and adaptability.

The sizing and design of the parts that make up the main structure are determined specifically for each greenhouse project with the CASTA calculation program, which is accepted as a reference in glass greenhouse applications all over the world.

Greencon glass greenhouses comply with the latest European Union regulations prepared by the Dutch Standardization Institute: EURONED: EN 13031-01 A15.

Many ventilation systems can be used in our Venlo glass greenhouses: rail system, swing system, continuous ventilation system.

The models we produce:

VE.640, width 6.40 meters, divided into two parts of 3.20 meters.

VE.640, width 8.00 meters, divided into two parts of 4.00 meters.

VE.640, width 9.60 meters, in two parts of 4.80 meters or in three split forms of 3.20 meters.

VE.640, width 12.80 meters, divided into four 3.20 meters.

The ventilation systems on the roof are of three types, single or double, and consist of RAIL SYSTEM, SWING SYSTEM and CONTINUOUS WINDOW system.

Glass coating can be chosen according to weather conditions. We recommend our customers to use single, double or cast glass. At the same time, Polycarbonate can be used around the greenhouse to provide better insulation if required.

Our staff has experience in managing the assembly of all parts of turnkey projects around the world.

Geencon can also perform customized projects such as rails on the roof for the use of glass cleaning machines, external structures for the installation of external shade curtains or solar panels on the greenhouse roof.

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