Our solution partners


HOOGENDOORN, which began as a small engineering equipment company in 1967 and has grown into an effective international automation company worldwide, is one of the first companies that comes to mind when thinking of GREENHOUSE AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, and perhaps the first.

Hoogendoorn was the first company to launch a digital horticultural computer in 1974. HOOGENDOORN provides solutions in climate management, water management, energy management and information management and is one of GREENCON’s serious partners, which has now become a brand in the greenhouse industry.

HOOGENDOORN’s new generation iSii process computer monitors and controls all climate, irrigation and energy equipment in greenhouses of all types worldwide. This user-friendly system includes advanced controls such as preflight control, self-learning heating control, and proactive weather control that can predict changing external conditions. This ensures a stable greenhouse climate, efficient water use, low energy consumption and high efficiency.


BUWATEC is one of our partners that has become an independent world leader in the manufacture of modular (water) storage systems based on corrugated sheet metal for the storage of all types of liquids. BUWATEC’s main activity is the distribution of complete liquid storage systems. Developing a wide range of equipment to collect, store and / or keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, (rain) water harvesting, aquaponics as well as drainage and recirculation water as well as BUWATEC equipment, water collection and recovery in areas with water scarcity knowledge develop for. BUWATEC produces not only water tanks, but also water technology. Our cooperation with BUWATEC, the integral supplier of our turnkey greenhouses installed by us, is strengthened and developed by the positive feedback from our valued customers.


NETAFIM, which started this business in 1965 with aquaculture in Israel’s Negev Desert, knows very well what it means to farm in difficult conditions. It knows how to combine smart irrigation, agronomic know-how and endless innovations that help it grow more with less in a variety of crops and climates. NETAFİM produces drip and drip irrigation lines, smart irrigation and fertilization systems, special filters and valves with the slogan “plants prefer drip irrigation” and produces more cost-effective and profitable products by delivering the water and nutrients needed by plants directly to the root zone in the right quantities and at the right time. It helps to grow and use resources more and more efficiently, whatever the type of greenhouse.


F&H Crone has become one of the industry leaders around the world, supplying high quality and best possible return on customers as well as energy generating products. F & H Crone strives for minimal impact on our planet. It uses scarce natural resources such as water and energy as efficiently as possible for its solutions and is one of our most successful partners in reducing the impact of its customers by marketing its products at excellent value for money in an internationally changing playground.


Operating with the motto “We create living spaces for future generations”, VİESSMANN has become a solution provider for the entire living space in four generations from a heating system manufacturer. Thanks to its 12 300 members, VİESSMANN family is well equipped for the challenges of the future and supplies energy systems for industry and trade. Supporting our customers in cost-effective and environmentally friendly production with efficient and sustainable solutions, VIESMANN provides the basis for the analysis of all processes, determination of potential and coordination of all system components, taking into account the entire energy generation system, supply structure and consumption for integrated energy concepts. It also enables our customers to establish high performance, efficient and sustainable production processes.


VITOTHERM is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality burners for horticulture, industrial and non-residential construction.

VITOTHERM is at the forefront when it comes to burner innovation. “Clean”, user-friendly and silent VITOTHERM burners provide high efficiency. VITOTHERM burners, which work in harmony with Crone boilers, one of the constant partners of the GreenCon brand, are the guarantee of the best operation of the heating systems of the greenhouses we have installed.



‘We are developing water solutions for the whole world. We set the standards in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. We are a pump company that touches millions of people every day. Thanks to our solutions, our business partners and customers move water where it needs to go. GRUNDFOS, which introduces itself as the supply of drinking water from the smallest villages to the tallest skyscrapers, treatment and disposal of wastewater, providing a comfortable environment by heating the whole world and cooling it when necessary, really adds value to our turnkey greenhouse projects as the leader of the industry. Our choice is GRUNDFOS pumps in order to provide our customers with the best solutions for water and energy efficiency.


PHORMIUM is a famous textile technical manufacturer belonging to the International Fibers Group, one of the leading textile groups in Europe. The company offers excellent customer service, know-how and sustainable solutions. PHORMIUM, which has been developing and producing an innovative, high-quality product range sold to professional users worldwide for more than 50 years, is our strong partner providing all kinds of support to meet the screen requirements of our greenhouses.

PHORMIUM offers solutions for industrial applications, combining extensive material and production processes with its technical knowledge and research and development expertise. PHORMIUM heat screens, ground covers, cork and compost nets are characterized by durability and technical performance. As these products are the result of extensive research and insight into growers’ specific needs, PHORMIUM aims to provide growth-oriented solutions inspired by its global expertise.

These differences have led us to favor PHORMIUM for product development and trade.


Climate change, drought, population growth – our changing world poses major challenges for agriculture and horticulture. Ridder is working hard to help growers and farmers make a successful transition to more efficient and, above all, more sustainable production methods.

RIDDER offers complete system solutions for its global partner network to create the ideal growing environment from mechanical systems to digital services. In developing these products, RIDDER draws on all the knowledge and experience it has gained in the past. Above all, it is a company with a vision for the future and for the autonomous greenhouse of the future. This means the transition to a fully automated and intelligent growing environment.


GENFOG has been serving to many valued customers in the field of greenhouse air conditioning and climate control systems since 2006. Since its inception, our company has signed successful joint projects with many major companies in the industry. Greenhouses, animal sheds, cold storage and many other specific areas are just some of our core competencies.


PLASTIKA KRITIS was founded in 1970 and is one of the leading agricultural film producers in Europe. With factories in France, Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey and China, it has a strong international focus. It exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Its products serve the plastics industry, horticulture and agriculture, as well as projects in water management and environmental protection.

The company’s commitment to quality, technological innovation, cost competitiveness, flexibility and sensitivity to customer needs has made it one of the most internationally recognized agricultural film producers.

PLASTİKA KRİTİS is our permanent partner for the supply of agricultural films – nylon for our turnkey greenhouse projects.


THRACE GROUP’s groundcover materials, which we are constantly working on to supply our turnkey greenhouses with groundcover, provide excellent weed control as no herbicide or insecticide spray is required. THRACE groundcover is UV stabilized for extended sun exposure and is available in a variety of weights, colors, widths and lengths.

It not only limits the growth of weeds, but also keeps soil temperatures even. Woven structures not only allow water to pass through, but also provide a ventilated and healthy environment in which plants can thrive that is easy to maintain and clean, and can be reused in many seasons. Guides improve display and correct positioning of pots and plants.


The fly netting material of the well-known brand PLASTEXTIL, which produces laminated and coated technical textiles of the highest quality with more than 60 years of experience in Spain, is supplied to all our greenhouses.

Thanks to research and product diversification, PLASTEXTIL – Vinyl Fabrics has managed to reach important markets and segments both at home and abroad.


Since the beginning of production in 1997, ISIK PLASTİK has earned a well-deserved reputation in many sectors such as outdoor advertising, display, construction, greenhouse, lighting, home appliances, security, automotive and furniture with its unique know-how and experience in the production of extruded plastic sheets. As a supplier of plastic coatings for GreenCon greenhouses, ISIK PLASTİK continues to grow rapidly with 240 employees and a production capacity of 20,000 tons of plastic sheet and 18,000 tons of plastic packaging and masterbatches.

Our esteemed supplier, who is a member of very important international institutions such as – European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA) and International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), is one of our most important local partners whom we trust to build our greenhouses, which have been resisting for years.

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