Our Milestones

To Be A Turkish Brand In Agriculture World …

Our company was established in Istanbul in 2011 under the name GENFOG™ İklimlendirme Sistemleri Ltd.

Our GENFOG ™ company serves as the interior equipment provider of Modern Soilless Agriculture Greenhouse Projects. Our GENFOG ™ company, which has completed its branding process by serving in many countries of the world, continues its activities successfully.

Expanding activity areas

We started to produce turnkey modern greenhouse projects with high quality standards with the launch of our greenhouse steel construction company GREENCON™ established in 2017.

Today, we are a company that exports to many countries around the world and provides services to domestic investors in our 13,000 m² factory area in the organized industrial zone of Antalya.

On the other hand, our company Ereğli Boru Profil A.Ş. produces all kinds of steel pipes and steel profiles for the greenhouse sector and for companies operating in various sectors in a total area of 16,000 m², of which 7,500 m² are closed in the organized industrial zone of Karadeniz Ereğli.

Our other brand, GREENLINE LOGISTICS ™, is a logistics company established in Istanbul in 2017 and transports to many countries around the world. As GREENLINE LOGISTICS ™, we have a very wide organization network.

With the “R & D greenhouses for seed breeding” in 2020, our team of experience and experts gained over the years began to work for the country’s economy and future in seed genetics under the GENSEED ™ brand.

Establishment of the GenGroup

GENGROUP ™, on the other hand, has taken a big step towards participation by bringing these companies in different fields of activity under one roof.

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