Our brands


In 2020, we combined all our brands under GENGROUP. With the goal of providing the best service to their investors, our brands continue to gain strength under the GENGROUP umbrella.


Increasing the qualified production potential in greenhouse cultivation depends on making the right investments in agricultural technology. Greencon, which adopts the principle of designing new greenhouse facilities with its expert staff who follows and develops the latest technologies used in agriculture, makes its name known to the world with its modern and environmentally friendly production standards as an alternative to chemical control.


Our company has been serving our valued customers in the field of greenhouse air conditioning systems since 2006. Since its inception, our company has signed successful joint projects with many major companies in the industry. Greenhouses, animal sheds, cold storage and many other specific areas are just some of our core competencies.


Our company has a wide range of products in the pipe profile sector. With our experienced sales team, we are proud to serve you better by trading in domestic and abroad with our understanding of affordable prices, fast and reliable delivery and quality products.


Due to many years of experience and knowledge, our company GREENLİNE LOJİSTİK has well-trained professional staff and a constantly updated fleet of vehicles, providing road transportation, warehousing and distribution services for Asian and European countries to leading companies in Turkey. GREENLİNE LOJİSTİK, which provides delivery at minimal cost and in the shortest time with boutique service quality, always emphasizes customer satisfaction and uses constantly evolving communication technologies to fully meet customer expectations. It keeps the satisfaction of its employees and service providers, especially those in direct contact with the customer, at the highest level, completing one of the most important links in the chain from production to after-sales service.

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