Greenhouse Technologies

Increasing the qualified production potential in greenhouse cultivation depends on making the right investments in agricultural technology. Greencon, which adopts the principle of designing new greenhouse facilities with its expert staff who follows and develops the latest technologies used in agriculture, makes its name known to the world with its modern and environmentally friendly production standards as an alternative to chemical control.

Greencon Greenhouse Systems has an industrial area of ​​up to 13.000 m² and a production area equipped with modern equipment for the production of greenhouse systems in accordance with all international quality standards. Our machines and equipment include automatic molding, bridge cranes, bending machines, bending presses, profile lines for channel and profile production, presses with automatic loading devices, hydraulic tables and other equipment.

Greencon Greenhouse Systems knows that the balance of air-heat-light-humidity required for agriculture is possible with air conditioning control and high-tech modern greenhouses, and it carries out high-tech greenhouse projects with all its teams and equipment. The ability to make suggestions for the projects implemented ensures that it is not just a supplier, but a true technology partner, and sets Greencon apart from its competitors.

Greencon, which creates conceptual designs based on chronograms, material distribution charts, work progress and tracking accurate feedback, develops the projects of its customers and carries the success graphic to the highest standards in implementation and launch. Although its products comply with TSE, ISO, UNICERT, CE standards, special certification processes on demand are managed by Greencon Greenhouse Systems experts.

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