GREENCON and GENFOG at Growtech!

Growtech, the world’s most important greenhouse industry exhibition, opened its doors to the leaders of the greenhouse industry for the 20th time. There was great interest in the exhibition which was held in Antalya between 24-27 November 2021.

4 days were spent with the participation of leading companies in the fields of Greenhouse and Technologies, Agricultural Technologies and Equipment, Irrigation Systems, Seed Growing, Seedling, Plant Nutrition and Protection, Biological Control, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment at the exhibition held in Antalya, the heart of agricultural production and exports. 

Our irrigation unit was designed by GENFOG engineers and our brand new PRIDE Irrigation Solutions were also introduced at the exhibition for the first time. PRIDE Irrigation Solutions attracted great attention from both domestic and foreign participants with its unique design, functions suitable for the needs of the manufacturer and high technology automation system.

Thank you for your interest in our Greencon and Genfog stands, where we hosted guests from dozens of different countries for 4 days at the Growtech fair!


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