Green Living Systems Specialist

It is necessary to make the right investments in agricultural technology in order to increase the qualified production potential in the greenhouse. Greencon adopts the principle of designing new greenhouse plants with its expert staff that follows and develops the latest technologies used in agriculture, and makes its name known to the world with modern and environmentally friendly production standards as an alternative to chemical struggle.

Greencon offering projects that are suitable for every country, climate zone and agricultural areas develops its customers' projects as well as its own projects by taking world standards and transforms their applicability and usage into fast and easy formations. The industrial facility, which reaches an area of 13000 m2, has all the machinery, equipment and working lobbies required for the production of greenhouse systems. The machines and equipments consist of automatic molding, bridge cranes, bending machines, bending presses, profile lines for channel and profile production, presses with automatic loading devices, hydraulic tables and other equipment.

Greencon recognizes that the necessary air-heat-light-moisture balance for agriculture is possible through climate control and high-tech modern greenhouses, and it achieves successful high-tech greenhouse projects thanks to all its teams and equipment. The ability to make proposals for projects makes it not only a supplier but also a true technology partner and sets Greencon apart from its competitors.

Greencon creates conceptual designs on the basis of chronograms, material distribution charts, progress of the work and monitoring the correct feedbacks. It develops the projects of its customers, thus it carries the success graph to the highest standards in its application and launch. Besides its products comply with TSE, ISO, UNICERT, CE standards, special certification processes are managed by Greencon experts.

Greencon which produces projects taking into account topography, climate, heating, irrigation and all necessary infrastructure promises production and profitability to its customers. Thanks to solution-oriented Research and Develeopment Department (R.D) Greencon also creates visionary designs within the triangle of possibilities, expectations and conditions. It uses the high techology recognized by the world standards for the production of greenhouse systems in accordance with international quality standards and continues to establish the worldwide greenhouse thanks to the professional solutions it brings to the modern greenhouse sector.

Greencon, the leader of green space systems, follows the latest developments in the construction sector. It aims to continue to create designs that respect human and nature based on the success focus of time discipline. It establishes a solution partnership with the customer and adopts reliability and stable success as a principle at every stage from project design to installation.


Designing long-lasting and high quality products and designing this system under suitable space and air conditioning conditions is one of the most important Greencon family's missions. Based on unconditional customer satisfaction and aiming to be a follower of international quality standards, Grencon continues to keep all scientific projects in line with professional standards in order to increase productivity and carry it to international standards with its expert staff open to change and development.

GreenCon uses modern equipment for our customers' projects and provides the right solutions for quality and functionality.


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